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Head Trauma

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Hey whats goin on everyone? Hope everyone is doing ok, ive been kind of busy lately and haven't really been posting or comming to the website, but well since its Sunday i figured id make a few posts.

Anyways, i just read SC'S story & i know that he was in a severe car accident and probably suffered head trauma, which lead me to thinking about an event that took place when i was maybe 5.

I was at this babysitters house sitting on the railing of her steps, eating a popsicle i believe, and without me realizing right away, the railing was loose. Well i leaned back a little and all of a sudden i fell over and hit my head on the concrete. The amazing thing was i didn't crack my head open or anything.But im almost positive that i blacked out. My next memory was me talking on the phone with my mom & eating candy. I remember having a bump on my head and having a little headache. Now obviously this doesn't seem like any major head trauma. But my question is

Is it possible in anyway that this event could be a hidden factor in DP/DR, etc? I mean it doesn't seem too logical since it happened 14 years ago ( wow i feel old when i say that). But i was just wondering if maybe something happened to my brain when it happened and suddely last year it possibly caused what i am experiencing now?? I dunno, its just something im wondering about. I mean its not like its the only thing that has happened that could have caused all of this, but it may be a small possibility???

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i know a few people that got theirs from head trauma. they were fine before it happened. of course other things factor into it.. wether or not you have a genetic link in you etc. But trauma... anykind of trauma.. physical or psycological or emotional, can be a trigger. ive had all of the above more times than i care to count. so the reasons im so goofy is obvious.

trauma is trauma.. theres no getting around it. :shock:
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