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The majority of people on here have difficulties with memory and thinking (including myself) and it's pretty distressing.

I'd recommend allowing the DPDR to have as little control over what you're doing as possible.

I study, and at times I get so frustrated with my thoughts that I want to launch the books at the wall, but I find if I sit quietly and continue, even if I'm feeling awful, my attention will usually improve, at least somewhat.

So imagine if you're about to do something, say work on a complex math(s) problem, and immediately the thought pops into your head "I can't do this, my DPDR always gets worse." This in turn affects your mood (increased anxiety, depression) which in turn intensifies your DPDR -- your original thought is confirmed and re-enforced.

Imagine if instead you challenged this thought and said to yourself "I have worked on complex tasks before and done well with them, even with intense DPDR. My DPDR doesn't always get worse, I did some work a couple of days ago and felt fairly focused the whole way through. Even if I'm struggling, I'm trying my best"

You'd more than likely still feel anxious and depressed, but these responses would be diminished somewhat compared to how you would have felt if you hadn't challenged your thought.

Every small act, though it may seem insignificant at the time, serves to reenforce patterns of behaviour and thinking which in turn affect your mood.

Hope this makes sense.
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