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I wish i could remember things properly. I got to a point where i forgot my own aunties name, and my boyfriends birthday. I miss being able to feel present, like feeling my feet actually on the ground, or reaching out to grab something and actually feel like its me doing it. I dont feel sad, but I currently don't feel anything. Im numb. But logically, i know what follows in this vicious cycle. Depression. From being emotionally detached, to being emotionally drained. I need to walk out of this cycle. But I just need more, im not sure what it is that i need, but there isnt enough. And again, like an alchemist working away to solve this equation, i have to seek what is needed, whats missing.

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Dec 24 2015 04:39 AM

I know this is a really late reply but my memory is also bad. I lose track of time easily and I forget what I did throughout the day, I really have to think hard if I want to know what I did. Everything is weird and I too also feel alone, even though I have a house full of family. All I can say is, you're not alone and having someone there for you will help you tremendously.

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Apr 03 2016 06:55 PM

Eat a ton of fruits and veggies, not saying it will cure you.. But it always helps.

Man your mind sounds tired as heck, forgetting such information and not feeling anything.. Maybe you need rest, mental, physical and spiritual rest.
You haven't given out much info on your post so there's not much for me to work with.

I'm here for you to talk to, a safe haven kinda thing, because I don't judge, I don't know you in real life and I genuinely listen and will do my best to make sense of what you tell me.. Relate where you are coming from and FEEL where you are coming from
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Peace and love.

As always this is Healer blue.
I love you.

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