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Have AD's Made DP/DR WORSE???????????

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I've tried them all. And they immediately make my DR worse. I'm trying to do the paxil and lamictal, but i just go crazy. Klonopin might be the right one.

Is this common that they make it worse?
I was on effexor when i had this huge breakthrough panic attack, which led to the past three years of serious DP/DR. So im wondering if there is some sort of association that my brain has with them. Just a thought.

Thanks everbody,

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Effexor have really helped my DR. I could not cope with my anxiety without AD.

You really have to give AD's and nevropeticas at least a couple of months before you judge them. SSRI often heighten the anxiety in the start-up phase, and i guess people with DP/DR are proably more vulnerable to these early side-effects as we tend to monitor and dramatize everything that goes on within out psyche.

It's wise to combine SSRI with klono in the first two weeks, but i do not think Klono is any good in the long run. It feels great in the beginning, sure, but you'll just develope a tolerance and in the end you'll have to take the medicine just to feel like you did before you even started. I'm currently trying to taper down on zopiclon myself, and it's crazy how addictive these drugs are.
Our mind is nothing but chemicals whether we like it or not. None of these meds will ruin your life in theirself. Try them and if you dont like their effect, then stop. No harm done.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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