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Have AD's Made DP/DR WORSE???????????

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I've tried them all. And they immediately make my DR worse. I'm trying to do the paxil and lamictal, but i just go crazy. Klonopin might be the right one.

Is this common that they make it worse?
I was on effexor when i had this huge breakthrough panic attack, which led to the past three years of serious DP/DR. So im wondering if there is some sort of association that my brain has with them. Just a thought.

Thanks everbody,

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Seems that effexor can induce DP/DR in almost the same way THC can. (Wicht happened to me)
Allright, about paxil, it sure has some nasty side effects and it definatly made my DP/DR worst, but with me the solution for this problem was to just keep taking them! Now i'm paxil for about 5 months and it's working fine, no depression/anxiety and an reduce of DP, sometimes even some complete DP-free moments. So it's not always that bad :wink:
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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