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I tried them a few weeks after I got DP/DR (didn't know what DP/DR was at the time). It made the DP/DR 1000x worse while tripping but afterwards it was mostly the same shit.
It was utterly pointless, though. I wasn't able to think on the trip because the DP/DR was so bad. I went for a short walk but I had to go home because my light sensitivity got so bad and then I just stared at the wall for hours, unthinking. A vodka binge would have been more introspective.

I think psychedelics have a small chance of curing anything they can cause, but a much greater chance of making it far worse. I am lucky to get away with a temporary worsening. I would only consider trying them to fix DP/DR if I hadn't already tried them, if I had exhausted all/almost all other options, and I might start with a microdose.

There are plenty of people who will talk your ear off about the benefits of psychedelics, but always remember that they caused DP/DR for a significant proportion of everyone that has it.
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