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I have suffered with depersonalisation for years now and it's to the point where it interrupts my life multiple times a day.
Mainly when I am feeling vulnerable, especially on the toilet.
I'll go to pee and suddenly get this horrible feeling that I'm asleep and peeing the bed so I immediately make myself stop peeing and exit as quickly as possible.

Has anyone ever let that this is a dream feeling completely hit you, and rode with it even though it's terrifying? Because I'm wondering if I should just lean into it to see what happens but I'm too scared.

I have 1. The fear that I'm peeing the bed and 2. If this is a dream and I'm peeing the bed, this is longest dream ever so where the hell am I? When did the dream start? How long has it been? Will I disappear or die?

It's to the point where I can't just pee normally anymore without panicking.

Does anyone have a similar experience or just some advice? Thank you
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