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Has anyone ever gotten better from drug induced DP?

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I got my DP/DR from weed, i've had it 24/7 has anyone here gotten better from it?
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This seems more like it:


You will find such symptoms as DP, DR and "amotivational syndrome" here.
Sharpezor said:
ok ive been reading this thread and i was wondering if the OCD THC people are taking medication for their OCD. Because if you aren't, maybe that will cure the DP/DR.

Because, the OCD problem is obsessing about things, take the medication and you no longer obsess. therefore no DP/DR?
You definitely hit the nail on the head with that one Sharpezor.
I have ocd and take pills for it but the symptoms still exist to a
degree. So that means dp/dr still is there to a degree.

I know what to do to recover temporarily though which is very
important to me.
This a question I have. If dp/dr has such a strong relationship with anxiety and also obsessing, rumination,hypervigalence, self scrutiny and "focusing inward" than why do not more people respond to the ssri's? I tried them all as well as anxiolytics and found relief from anxiety but that is about all. I mean if a drug targets precisely the thing that most folks say here maintains dp than it would seem that we all would respond to ssri's.

For sure it is probalby the best advice to "focus outward", I only do not understand why meds are so ineffective for so many in this context,

I myself have been obessional, but over the years have lost most of my obsession and self scrutiny. And I rarely focus inward on ,my symptoms. They are jsut me. But I still have them even though I do not focus on them.
Someone here wrote about being "emotionally lazy". That's how I am most of the time. I'll stick to what I've said before about emotions being so draining that your mind builds a self-defense mechanism for them....hence dp/dr. I hate socializing most of the time because if I'm forced to "feel" something, I may shut down and go into emotionally lethargic mode. I still smoke. Maybe not the best thing. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. I go into off again on again phases with my good friend "bud", and in that sense it seems like all other friendships in my life.

I did do quite a few hallucinogens in my teenage days. I don't think that caused my dp/dr because I had that already, that's why I did the hallucinagens, anything to escape reality and try to feel something. What I DO think is very very bad and that really screwed me up more than anything was speed. Very very bad stuff. Permanent damage. I was stupid, what can I say.

To surmise I would say that healing from drug-induced dp/dr is totally possible, AND probable.

I would also like to add that SPEED IS VERY VERY VERY BAD!

Okay, that's all, have a lovely day!
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