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Has anyone ever gotten better from drug induced DP?

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I got my DP/DR from weed, i've had it 24/7 has anyone here gotten better from it?
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I got my anxiety dp/dr sympons from weed, thankfully over the last year I have improved a lot but I still tend to isolate myself more than I did prior to develping dp/dr.

But I have certainlly got better, just a case of lowering my anxiety

a day at a time

A think that ziggomatic's acid induced dp/dr got better, I think his last post was something about feeling his dp/dr had gone, but Im not sure as I don't know about acid induced dp/dr hppd etc etc as I have never taken acid, but i would imagine that the recoevery is simliar to weed induced since as far as I know acid induced dp/dr is simliar if not the same as weed induced apart from maybe hppd but again I have no first hand experience so don't know.
^^ Yes I know what you mean about being emotioneely lazy, as I am deciding to spend less time around people for the last two weeks and at the moment don't feek like seeing that many people or being overly social, recently I just like being on my own.
yeh not much point going out anyway in the UK ,always snowing but but the snow is crap , now I would'nt mind if the snow sticked so I could do some sledging or snowball fights etc etc but the snow stays around and looks really heavy for about 4 hours then is completly gone, Im always like WTF every morning as I keep up waking up to snow only to find that the snow is completly cleared mere hours later.

Iv'e always liked staying in playing computer games a lot of the time any way , cos I can lose my self in another world instead of being in a world where I have the spectre of dp to live with every day.

summer time should be good though, hopefully I can get to some festival or other though I doubt i'll be able to get glastonbery tickets, still a glastobery virgin :(
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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