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Has anyone ever gotten better from drug induced DP?

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I got my DP/DR from weed, i've had it 24/7 has anyone here gotten better from it?
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You see I have had mine 24/7 for almost 3 years now, do you think there is still a chance to get rid of the symptoms?
Martinelv said:
In answer to the original question - definately YES. I am a case in point. Not only did I recover once, I recovered twice !!! First time around was from weed, which took me about a year for the DR to fade away. Second time was from loads of 'e', which again took about a year to fade away. In my case, it was the panic following drug overload that brought on my DR, definately.

Without dashing the hopes of non-drug DP'ers, it seems to me that the prognosis for drug-induced DP is better than other causes...basically because it's just a temporary chemical cock-up in your brain, and not some other psychological trauma which may be more difficult to pin down and treat.
I know but almost 3 years of DP/DR 24/7, with no relief? Im not sure if i still have a chance...
person3 said:

a) yes you absolutely have a chance still, silly! :)

b)The drugs were out of your system within a few days of taking them (any drug still in the system is in traces so small that even Scientology's detox program wouldn't make a difference haha); there is obviously another element here. There is the medication side of things (which could help you stabilize) and the psychological part of it.

You will be fine. You just have to start looking at other avenues to approach this with.
Thanks person3 you gave me some hope to work with... I think your right with your post below, but it just feels like the weed gave me brain damage, and its hard to think i will ever get out of this state, i've been in it so long that I forget what I use to feel like....
^ Thanks you've really helped me, it also dosen't make it any easier to stop Obbsessing having ADD and Obbsesive Compulsive Disorder... I'm hoping I can find some Meds that help me with those though..
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