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Has anyone ever gotten better from drug induced DP?

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I got my DP/DR from weed, i've had it 24/7 has anyone here gotten better from it?
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falling_free said:
Iv'e always liked staying in playing computer games a lot of the time any way , cos I can lose my self in another world instead of being in a world where I have the spectre of dp to live with every day.
true. surfing the net and playing games a lot does that to me too. playing some counter-strike helps take away some thoughts 8)

and yea i like chilling alone mostly now. i'm not sure when i'm more introverted, being alone or outside.
was smoking weed from summer 2002-may 2003, when i started getting anxiety and panic attacks. i was pretty much better, i think, by early 2004, because i was going to school and was thinking less. then i took ecstasy summer 2004. it went good but at the end, i had a bad panic attack and thought i had brain damage because i went to use the bathroom and had a big headrush and couldn't hear anything for about 10 seconds after i used to. i've had dp/dr/ocd thinking/anxiety since then and keep thinking i have brain damage. me thinking i have brain damage from it i think is what's making my dp and anxiety hold on to me longer. since the ecstasy incident, smoking weed would make me nervous as hell and increase dp & anxiety. i think if i lay off the weed and get this idea that i haven't got brain damage from ecstasy off, i will be on the road to recovery :)
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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