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Harvard Psychiatrist Talks About DP

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This Harvard psychiatrist regularly talks to live streamers and other people people on (livestreaming platform). He talks about DP at 37:50 onwards, but I think the whole video is worth watching.

Although the streamer he's talking with seems to experience ADHD and has DP/DR as a symptom rather than a disorder, I think a few members could relate to his experiences.

It's also worth checking out his channel since he's made a lot of videos on other related topics such as depression and anxiety which may be useful, and he's very good at explaining these things.

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BRO this toplayer "why cant i be present" shit is basically exactly why my DR has been so bad for the last 4 yeras or so.

Even back in the day when i never cared about DR, when i started obsessing over it, this is pretty much what happens.

Trying to stop the spacing out which creates tension/waves and thus even more spacing out.

For me there is also anxiety attatched to not being present, which makes it potentially harder to accept it and remove the toplayer.

But anyways, crazy relatable the whole interview
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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