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I realized that when I am on a SSRI like Paxil, Zoloft, I feel in a bubble. I feel detached, foreign. I have dissociation, but I also feel good sometimes (depression lifts up). I get used to that irreality feeling. I got used to that glass feeling, but I HATE it.

So whe I take a med who don't put me in a safe bubble that I can't panick, like SSRI's, I see reality too loud, too frightening, I feel not myself at the extream, I feel nervous, I am sure I go crazy... and I dissociate too. I am unsafe. But.... it's different.

I just wonder if it's me who can't accept reality. But how come to accept reality? I just can't, with or w/o meds.


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hi Cynthia, glad ur going to stick it out with the forum.

Concerning meds putting you in a bubble, I was already in the bubble before I started meds and I'd stopped feeling thats what finally prompted me to go to the docs. I sometimes wonder if I didnt take AD's Id not experience unreality as badly???? And yes reality must appear to be too frightening and thats why we dissociate, I think that would be a common thread.
I do know for certain that i do not accept this condition/experience of life although like you Iam used to it. I will always be looking to rid myself of IT.
Take things easy and keep posting. :)

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I think that you ought to find the middle ground on this issue. It seems like those on medication take it to the extreme and end up on everything. I take a klonopin every few days and thats it and I have found myself to be in a fairly managable state.
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