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I have read many uplifting stories here of where people have improved or even recovered, and many more where you all speak of glimpses of recovery and lots of hope. This is where I stand as well, especially with the added attention given to dp/dr by researchers.

But I remember couple years back when I was seeing a cognitive therapist and we were working hard on this "fog" to subside but it would not budge and I asked to see a psychiatrist about meds. I did and his view was that I had anxiety disorders that went into overload when I did recreational drugs and my mind became "hardwired" with dp/dr. He said all I could do is manage symptoms for the rest of my life. Nothing else would help. I would never recover. He charged me 200 bucks and shut the door. My therapist was enraged over this, discounting every thing he said. We continued to work on flooding this dp/dr fog out but it came to no avail.

Any thoughts on this? Is hardwiring a legitmate or bogus view? Is past recreational drug use a variable in whether or not one can recover? Was this shrink full of doggy doo?
I think he was.
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