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hard to concentrate

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has anyone have the same problem as me with my concentration i find it like im trying to brake through a peice of glass when im concentrating i attribute it to my dp/dr.
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Essentially you lost the central-role of some human features and, to a minute degree, retreated back into your animal state by the acute stress that you feel; the result of your brains attempts to deal with the stress in the most primitive and (thereby, successful) method it knows how.

When you begin pondering your life as-is, the world looks different; probably the result of the acute changes (metabolic and otherwise), that you're experiencing. You ask questions that touch reality, but your mind is running from reality and all these questions do is throw you back into a place from which you are trying to escape. The result is you've become a yo-yo with your thoughts.

I have begun to realize, now more than ever, that the human creature is the creation of multiple layers of awareness, and thinking facilities that all come together in a, relatively, harmonious fashion. When one layer begins to overtake it's place - the result is a lack of harmony within the system and disruption is created. In the case of our situation - our primitive systems (see the post where nemsis and I pasted our excerpts from various sites on this topic) surrounding fear and escape have become hyper-vigilent, and the result is "run b*tch run!" However, with no where to run as there is no definable fear...

"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout"

Grounding us holds us down and, well...I think we all get the point and I'm probably talking just to hear my own head rattle so I'll shut up.

Thanks for your posts nemisis - most insightful and scientific. Very educated reasoning. I kind of wish I were smarter about the facts, I feel the need to write a paper on this topic and summarize everything (damn, I'm a helluva geek)
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