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Gonna start all this on a positive-I m still alive,and there's something in me that loves being alive,is aware that this is it,and I wanna bloody enjoy it.
I ve played guitar for quite a few years,earned money busking,had some "real" times doing it.When someone walking past smiles,gives a little nod of appreciation,throws a few coins down-it feels good. My long term ambition is to put an album out of my own stuff-ain't gonna make a million,but at least I ll be doing something.
It s weird that all the stuff I learned years ago-Psychology,all the self help books-had the answer,but I never acted upon it.Probably too drunk or stoned . Gonna get "It s only anxiety " tattooed on my arm (in latin,so s no-one knows).
Resolution-stay off the spliff.

It s a long road,lad,and it starts here.I know that when I m together,I m very together,so thats the goal.
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