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Hang In There! Really

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Hi there everyone! I am a member from a long time ago, but its been so long that I forgot my original Login name. I started thinking the other day about this site and thought maybe I would check out things. I just wanted to let everyone to know out there that is SUFFERING from this to really HANG in there!! I went through this terrible, debilitating, illness for about 3 years and I know how it is!! IT IS TERRIBLE. But there is hope. Now I know what you are thinking, ya right, you must not really have gone through this, but I swear to you, I DID!! There were times when I thought I was dead. I would think, what is this, what is happening, can people tell (which was one of the worst feelings), I can't possibly tell anyone cause they will think I am crazy. I would sit up at night just thinking, thinking about my thinking about my thinking about my thinking. It was a terrible cycle. I was out of work for about year and getting back into the swing of things was probably the best thing for me. And also Effexor. :) Its a hard drug to come off of, but I tried EVERYTHING, and Effexor was finally the thing that worked, at least a enough to get me to feel alive again. :) I just wanna say to all ya'll out there, HANG in there, IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!! I swear. I KNOW the feeling of despair and fear, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! If anyone has any questions or just wants to talk, please feel free to IM me or email. I know how important support is!! God Bless!!!
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