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Had a setback, have questions for anyone who can help..

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I haven't posted here for a while but kind of need to now. I had a setback recently as I was diagnosed with Menieres disease, a disorder of the inner ear with no cure. Symptoms are vertigo, dizziness, brain fog, hearing loss and tinnitus. Just what a 36 yr DP sufferer needs right?.
So in researching Menieres and joining forums for this, I have come across some depersonlization stuff because brain fog can exacerbate DP symptoms, or cause them for a newbie.

This may be an old thread question, but because I'm kind of desperate again, like I was 36 years ago, do any of you know of anyone who had success with these ?
The Linden Method
DP Manual
Depersonalization- the total integration method.

I did order Panic Away because my anxiety levels have been off the charts. Not sure it helped but you don't have to pay the $60 difference if it doesn't help you in 30 days so really no down side. I don't think it's for DP sufferers but panic attacks sort of mimic DP at the onset.

Personally, if I was cured, I would happily put an ebook out there for free to give back,so when someone charges, I am always skeptical. Thanks for reading this.
Been a rough 4 months with this new illness.
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I remember reading about Menieres disease and thinking I had it. I had quite a bit of vestibular dysfunction such as ears clicking and popping, balance issues, etc. I finally got an EEG which

showed the source of the problem was pathology in my temporal lobe. I got the EEG because my research led me to diagnose myself with a relatively rare epileptic

syndrome. The EEG verified my self diagnosis. I waited 40 years for medical science to reveal the source of my illness. I was disappointed. They know little more today, than they did 40 years ago.

I was told to go to social security and receive disability payments. That is their answer for my illness. And I did. I added the check to my monthly income from my pension I receive from my career as an electronics technician.

I paid in for 40 years when I was disabled. Why shouldn't I enjoy it? Psychiatry is just the triage ward of neurology. They don't know what is causing your suffering, but try this pill and see if makes you feel better.
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