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Had a setback, have questions for anyone who can help..

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I haven't posted here for a while but kind of need to now. I had a setback recently as I was diagnosed with Menieres disease, a disorder of the inner ear with no cure. Symptoms are vertigo, dizziness, brain fog, hearing loss and tinnitus. Just what a 36 yr DP sufferer needs right?.
So in researching Menieres and joining forums for this, I have come across some depersonlization stuff because brain fog can exacerbate DP symptoms, or cause them for a newbie.

This may be an old thread question, but because I'm kind of desperate again, like I was 36 years ago, do any of you know of anyone who had success with these ?
The Linden Method
DP Manual
Depersonalization- the total integration method.

I did order Panic Away because my anxiety levels have been off the charts. Not sure it helped but you don't have to pay the $60 difference if it doesn't help you in 30 days so really no down side. I don't think it's for DP sufferers but panic attacks sort of mimic DP at the onset.

Personally, if I was cured, I would happily put an ebook out there for free to give back,so when someone charges, I am always skeptical. Thanks for reading this.
Been a rough 4 months with this new illness.
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Mine is either vestibular neuritis or Menieres
They make you take every test possible to rule out everything else, then they Circle back to Menieres
It amazes me how there is no cure for this inner ear disorder or DP when I see so many suffer on both forums
The medical world is a disappointment
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