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Guys I feel like I'm like right there ready to feel life again. Things seem physical again, I feel in control, I feel here. I mean to a degree those things aren't there completely but for the most part. My anxietys been great its rare I panic anymore. Things have been up and down lately though. All thought I don't feel like I'm in a dream too much anymore, I'm not exactly convinced I'm not in one! After this whole experience I just need some re assurance that all of this is real, this is the reality I was in and so much more. I had trouble with solipsism. I believe I'm here and this is real but at the same times I still have my doubts believing that any of you are real and if any if this is real or just my mind creating it. Like the core symptoms of depersonalization and derealization are for the most part gone but I need help not believing in the thoughts that came along with depersonalization! Any advice! I just need to beat these thoughts! I don't even feelike things are fake I just don't know if I believe there not fake you know what I mean! Just help me with my thoughts and I'm almost there! Any advice!

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May 18 2014 10:18 AM

I've been there and I feel a bit close to that once again... It's good and just keep doing what your doing!
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You'll be fine!
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Jun 03 2014 08:01 PM

The best way to look at this thing is to understand that your brain is in protection mode and steps back a little bit from reality so that it can heal. Reality has never changed. Its just your perception of it through chemicals changing in your brain. I would strongly advise to not start thinking in philosophical terms because it has no basis. It just keeps you guessing about things and you need grounding when you have this. Stop all the over thinking about what is reality and all that stuff and you will feel much better.
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