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So I can't think of any where else to
Post this so I figured why not here. I'm so confused and scared by this. My confusion right now is vision. I don't understand so basically light bounces off the object whatever yada yada travels to our eyes into our brains then our brain interprets the image. Is everything we see in our head? I'm so confused I'm probably really over analyzing this situation but is it jn my head I just don't know. I don't understand vision haha am I really seeing the image I front if me or inside of my mental head?

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Jul 31 2014 10:14 PM

So... Both. To my understanding, yes your eyes are how you see something but your brain interprets all that light and color. However what we see is interpreted and influenced by our experiences and memories.

So for example; If you and I are looking at a tree, the same tree. We both see an oak tree. And it looks the same, but maybe I look at it and and it's negative because I remember scary haunted woods and you see it positively because you remember that sweet tree swing you had as a kid.

We see physically but our interpretation is different.

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Aug 02 2014 10:54 PM

I understand haha but my question was like is what I see actually being seen informt of me or in some mental field inside my head since my brain interprets it like how if I interpret stuff inside my head do I see it outside of me so is the thing I'm seeing actually I front of me or just a mental field inside my head

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Aug 06 2014 03:57 PM

As hard as this may sound, you need to stop analyzing the situation and stop being conscious of this altered state of consciousness because it is just casing anxiety which is making the situation worse. Best wishes.

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Aug 09 2014 03:06 PM

The eye doesn't see. The brain sees. The eye just transmits. So what we see isn't only determined by what comes through the eyes. What we see is affected by our memories, our feelings, and by what we've seen before.

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Aug 13 2014 11:49 PM

So is technically what we seeing in our head ?

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Aug 26 2014 12:01 AM

Wear sunglasses. It helps. Don't wear contacts.

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Sep 02 2014 03:00 PM

Think about it like this, before you were dpdr'ed most likely you had these type of thoughts. How the world works how our bodies work whatever. At that time it didn't scare you most likely you'd be onto thinking about something else within a few minutes. You are only freaking out because of the anxiety. If you want to recover you have to stop analyzing .
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