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Guess what happened to me...

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Went to Ipswich to meet some old work friends, got absolutely and totally hammered on Absinthe, fell over and cracked my head open, woke up covered in blood in some random womans house, lost my bag, keys, wallet, mobile phone.........ah................

I think I'm going to give up the beer totally and become a sane middle-aged man. At least I got laid at last...not that I can remember much. The girl said I kept passing out during the dirty deed. What a f*****g charmer. But astonishingly, she wants to see me again !

Dear lord.....get a grip Martin.! :roll:
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Yes, you crazy man, do settle down now that you have cracked your head open and lost all your personal belongings. It does seem fitting that you might consider it. Really, to think of it, it shows some bit of brillance on your part. :p

And please people, howz about a big round of applause for Martin getting laid :!:

No photos or video or memory of it, but you did get laid!

Congrats, you wild, crazy, absinthe drinking maniac. Glad you survived.

You know what they say...God loves a drunk. :wink:
Now that is funny. :lol:

Also, to Brainsilence, remember that other book of his that you decided not to read...Tranquil Breeze? Where do you think he gets his material for that kind of stuff? Scarey stuff. :shock:

I do hope you don't totally do the narcissistic self-destruct thing, Martin, as I would have noone to live vicariously thru during my old age. Truely.

Just my regular ol' grin,
Hi Brainsilence,

Are you understanding that we are all kidding, joking, teasing with Martin?

Your questions seem to be serious.

Can you elaborate a little more because I did not understand what you were trying to ask?

Most sincerely,
Martinelv said:
Don't worry - please a self-destructing narcicisisicicist, I enjoy being teased. :D Actually, that's the truth...there is something insiduously kinky about it, wouldn't you agree?.
"One of the primary criteria for diagnosis of narcissistic personality is the inexplicable inability to spell "Narcissistic" and "Annihilation anxiety"."

narcicisisicicist :lol: :lol: :lol: I LOVE that word. I LOVE thinking of all of us trying to pronounce it as written. Wish we could hear each other. think everything is insiduously kinky and nefarious. Even flotsam. 8) I will continue to watch this space as it always cracks me up.

Janine...Queen of Narcicisisicicisismmm...please do come back and explain all about it to Brainsilence. I guess me too, as I can never tell if I am one or not. I believe you have written elsewhere that we all are. :shock: If I am one, I want to be a GOOD one. :D

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