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Guess what happened to me...

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Went to Ipswich to meet some old work friends, got absolutely and totally hammered on Absinthe, fell over and cracked my head open, woke up covered in blood in some random womans house, lost my bag, keys, wallet, mobile phone.........ah................

I think I'm going to give up the beer totally and become a sane middle-aged man. At least I got laid at last...not that I can remember much. The girl said I kept passing out during the dirty deed. What a f*****g charmer. But astonishingly, she wants to see me again !

Dear lord.....get a grip Martin.! :roll:
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Don't worry - please a self-destructing narcicisisicicist, I enjoy being teased. :D Actually, that's the truth...there is something insiduously kinky about it, wouldn't you agree?.

And again, don't worry Terri*! I'm sure my next explosion of misadventure is just around the corner !!! :oops: Watch this space.
I imagine the sound of the word 'Narcisicicicicicicisistttttttssst' to be like like the hissing of an angry snake.

I'm still a little beguiled about how I can be a Narcissist when I, if truth be known, am in fact almost completely perfect in every respect. :D
Well, yes, if your definition of a wild time is cracking your head open and losing most of your possessions, then I guess it is remarkable. :eek:

Keep in mind that I live in Norwich, so I know all about the fen-folk and their uncanny ability to navigate by the stars.
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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