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Guess what happened to me...

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Went to Ipswich to meet some old work friends, got absolutely and totally hammered on Absinthe, fell over and cracked my head open, woke up covered in blood in some random womans house, lost my bag, keys, wallet, mobile phone.........ah................

I think I'm going to give up the beer totally and become a sane middle-aged man. At least I got laid at last...not that I can remember much. The girl said I kept passing out during the dirty deed. What a f*****g charmer. But astonishingly, she wants to see me again !

Dear lord.....get a grip Martin.! :roll:
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Finally! Congratulations!

The passing out thing...though...I really don't think I could call a guy again if he passed out on me multiple times. Take speed next time.
I have a question though... I am assuming (it's a fairly safe assumption I think) that this experience made you more happy. Does this situation effects your writing?
Of course it does! It really is quite hard to write when you're drunk and trying to have sex with somebody you don't quite know yet. that would take some real flexibility, eye hand coordination, etc. :p
was it worth wearing the spandex and getting beaten up every day by the kids at school mr mole? 8)

i think by martin's account and the alochol involved he tripped over the uneven bars...

(sorry martin but i'm really stressed and i really have to make fun of somebody today and just know this is in good fun)
mr mole

no. i'm not threatened.

like, at all.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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