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Guess; how long til effective medication treatment is out???

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I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Are they on the brink? Not even looking for it? Not big enough of a market?
Are they close with anti-epileptic drugs, i.e. klonopin/lamictal?

with in 2 years?

What do you guys think?
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To clarify, there is no specific link between our study and the use of any medication. Opiate antagonists are rarely given as a treatment in the general population when compared to other treatments, and a general study like this would not capture this type of data anyway.

However, the study does has a very general purpose of gathering a large amount of data in hopes to support further interest in funding any type of treatment based on subjective data of participants. I have mentioned at times that we hope that this study can provide useful data that warrants further research, however this is extremely generalized. Having a large population study is most useful as supportive evidence that a problem exists that is important and money should be spent towards researching, whether that be specific treatments or even brain mapping (or genomic mapping of the cannaboid receptor as Dr. Simeon is conducting a pilot study on).

There is current literature regarding using Naltrexone as a treatment option for Depersonalization, and I have mentioned it on a different message board. However, this is defintely not a specific "purpose" of the study.

The purpose of the study is exactly as we have described: To gather as much data as possible on drug and and non-drug induced DP/DR and hope to gain useful statistical information when we look at results. I will be able to present the data when we are complete, and everyone will see exactly what we are trying to do with the study.


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