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Guess; how long til effective medication treatment is out???

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I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Are they on the brink? Not even looking for it? Not big enough of a market?
Are they close with anti-epileptic drugs, i.e. klonopin/lamictal?

with in 2 years?

What do you guys think?
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My honest guess, and I dont know if everyone will find this reassuring, is that when brain-imaging psychiatric patients becomes a basis for treatment, that there will not only be a DP specific protocol, but that they will probably be able to do it with drugs we have now. I dont think this will occur for about 20 years. In between now and then, there will be the same approach - take a wild guess, give pills to people with DP/DR, and have them fill out very subjective forms on how it affected their DP. This is how Daphne Simeon does it as well as Kings College DP Unit in London. Its unscientific, unfocused, and very, very inefficient. Unfortunately, this is the way all psychiatric meds and dxes are evaluated, except for depression. They use PET studies alot for that, and the meds have gotten better because of it. For anyone who wants scanned now, really, please have a look at the Amen clinics. I'm not "plugging" them. This is the honest future of psychiatry, and this is the only way it is available now. This will be widely accepted by 2025, I think. Of course, we may stumble across something with our current methods, but really, we'll have to be mighty lucky.

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Dear Tom,
Wow, your really studying that area of the Parietal/temporal lobe. Yeah, transcranial magnetic stimulation could do the trick, but most of the studies on it are European and kind of quackish. Its also really hard to focus a magnetic field, and we dont know how it affects epilepsy for good or bad yet. But in order to KEEP the area stimulated, you would have to be wearing a helmet all day. Thus the idea of taking something orally which circulates throughout the brain all day. You might be able to buy a gadget and treat yourself with it in the morning, but I dont know what the half-life of that treatment would be...

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