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GRR... A panic setback

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So, I was doing alright for a while but I had another panic attack. It leaves me feeling out of control of myself and the anxiety is just right there and it's just really hard to not sink down again.

I have barely been able to sleep or eat for a few days, and I can't exercise, which gets me even more down. I get so overwhelmed sometimes I just want to cry, and I worry that my anxious mind will get the best of me. But my fatigue is contributing to my anxiety, and possibly that 25 mg of zoloft isn't enough. I don't know.

Now when I thought of panic attacks I used to think of them as very brief, lasting a few minutes or so. Well I am always on the edge of panic now when I have my setbacks, and my anxiety is SO high, for pretty much the entire day.

I know I should do my best to go in a different direction and not feed my anxiety, but sometimes this gets SO difficult I can barely handle it, and my thoughts go obsessive to the max. Any suggestions/comments/anything?
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I can sure relate to you. For me, I lose trust when "IT" happens again, I get mad, too. It feels like a betrayal of some kind. A slap in the kisser!! But I do know that "anticipatory" anxiety is the kind for me that lingers near the surface, and it's b/cuz I feel like if I watch for panic it it won't get me.It helped me to read very slowly over and over Janines description on here about the RELIEF part. I find it very soothing to read "You will not go over some edge." I can also say you are not alone. I hope this helps a little. And yes ask the doc about meds. Thinking calm, ok, strong thoughts your way.
Thank's so helpful to know i'm not alone. I have anticipatory anxiety too, it's just sort of right there all the time. It wasn't particularly like this before, but I think this is just another phase of the whole thing. It's worse because I currently have a lot of time on my hands. I'll read Janine's description as well. Thanks again, and I'm thinking strong and calm thoughts your way as well. :)
I just cannot tolerate that level of terror and fear. I don't know how anyone can do it.
I don't know - it's REALLY tough for me. But I also hate the idea of taking any more pills. But, god, I may just have to - we'll see. I'm worried about taking anything physically dependent.

Why did the zoloft give you panic attacks/depression? Any idea?

Also, did you have short-lived panic attacks, or did it come to constant anxiety like me? My attacks aren't really intense, but I just slip into this anxiety in which I stay in for like, days, and it comes in different waves of intensity during the day. I feel like nobody has ever experienced anything like it, even though I'm sure many people have.

I think it may be time to leave this place. Why am I here on this list when I have no symptoms anymore?
Not too long ago you mentioned that you find some of the most intelligent people here. :) Plus, you seem to be pretty helpful, despite any arguments you may have gotten into. You have responded to many of my posts, in which I greatly appreciate!

This is the best forum I've found yet far. I don't have much DP anymore, but I do have anxiety - yet I haven't found any anxiety boards better or even as good as this one. I just have to make sure not to stay stuck to it. Hehe.
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