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Goodbye I think.

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I am so tired, physically and mentally. My son is 2, and he's very jittery, he is always doing silly things, and I have to run after him and check him, he's VERY active, and he doesn't talk much yet, so he scream, to be understood. And I can't cope with him and DP/DR. It's gettin harder. I have to educate him, after all I am his mother, and my boyfriend thinks the same, but he don't liscen to me at all, he runs in all the house when I try to dress him, and he doesn't want to eat good things, etc. I am exhausted, and I feel like I have failed as a mother.

I NEVER loved to be a mother. It's terrible to say that. I have no energy for that, seriously, I can't. I don't know why I thought I would be a good mother. I don't like it it's too hard. And dealing with terrible derealization at the same time, lack of energy, etc. I fell away all the time, and I feel so sad. I don't even realize the spring is right there, and I don't feel happy. Like there is no future.

On top of that I am tired AND nervous, so I don't know which med could help me.

It's hard. I just want to sleep.

Sorry for the post. I am complaining.

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Perhaps finding other persons who have DP/DR, and accept any kind of help from them could help. Maybe a statement from a doctor would convince your folks that you are in a difficult position.

At my humble opinion your boyfriend is trying to be hard at you so that you will "snap out of it". I support this technique to myself sometimes, but I know that it is not proper for all people.

At my humble opinion again, since your boyfriend is telling you that he is tired, he then didn't evaluated well the situation when you two made a relationship, or is not understanding your current possition. I don't think that leaving him is the best solution. I recommend making him understand your situation (yes, I understand that this may be very difficult).

Perhaps if you have someone who could be supportive and understanding in these difficult moment. Maybe you could meet persons at your area that had DP/DR, or other mental illnes, but got over it, and they can support you. I think that in some countries there are "unions" of people who "do not feel good" and they support each other (I am sure that US and UK has such groups).

This site could have made you bad, but not necessarily. One must decide when to visit it and what to read on it. Consider viewing the content of this website with another person.

No insults intented about anyone.

My place does not allow me to make remarks about your DP/DR state. So I don't "touch" this.
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