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Goodbye I think.

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I am so tired, physically and mentally. My son is 2, and he's very jittery, he is always doing silly things, and I have to run after him and check him, he's VERY active, and he doesn't talk much yet, so he scream, to be understood. And I can't cope with him and DP/DR. It's gettin harder. I have to educate him, after all I am his mother, and my boyfriend thinks the same, but he don't liscen to me at all, he runs in all the house when I try to dress him, and he doesn't want to eat good things, etc. I am exhausted, and I feel like I have failed as a mother.

I NEVER loved to be a mother. It's terrible to say that. I have no energy for that, seriously, I can't. I don't know why I thought I would be a good mother. I don't like it it's too hard. And dealing with terrible derealization at the same time, lack of energy, etc. I fell away all the time, and I feel so sad. I don't even realize the spring is right there, and I don't feel happy. Like there is no future.

On top of that I am tired AND nervous, so I don't know which med could help me.

It's hard. I just want to sleep.

Sorry for the post. I am complaining.

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hi karine

two year olds are terrible so don't blame yourself but try to get time out for yourself whenever possible. also i think your b/f is right in that if you're going to take meds you need to pick one and stick with it for a length of time. from my own experience i know how hellish it was starting zoloft but to be stopping and starting meds all the time ... it's not a good idea.

i hope you feel better soon
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