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Goodbye for now

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Hi people,

I think I am gonna take a big break from here. Too much information in my head.

I am in a hole and I don't find my answers here, unfortunately there is so much debate about that benzo thing, so much things that scare me in those posts, and my anxiety level is too much, I can't stand to have fear like that with all those opposite posts. I am in major depression right now, major anxiety and I feel out of touch. I feel like a word can kill me.

I am gonna try to find my answer outward, because I am too confused and scared after going here. I am too sensitive I think. It's my problem and my fault. :shock:

Thanks to Des, SC, and Janine, you know how to find me anyway. :) And thanks to others too whom I talked with (I don't know if this is correct english) lol

Good luck to everybody, sincerely,

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take care Cynthia....will be thinking of you...hope you find what you want...
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