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I was brought up Christian. Always believed I was Christian... even when I got my DP as a child and it wouldn't go away. I prayed for "my problem" to go away, but it didn't. When I was in third grade, I asked my teacher "Why did God create the world if he knew there would be so much pain and suffering?" She thought for a minute and said "Well have you ever had the fun of making something out of clay and didn't want anyone to destroy it?..." And she just kinda trailed off. What kind of answer is that?!

I've been to church, I've been preached to by an uncle that's in prison now for incest with his adopted daughter, my cousin. And I tried to believe it, I tried to read the Bible. But I just don't get it. If God is all-powerful.... why didn't he create everything perfect... or at least better. And I've been told well it's beyond our comprehension that's where faith comes in... you just have to believe. But how can anyone NOT doubt that there's a God?

Is this life really a gift? Did Jesus really die for my sins so that I could go to Heaven? And what sins??? I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be here. The way I see it we're all innocent, even if Jesus didn't die for us how could we be held accountable for these sins? We were created to make sins... I don't understand this free will crap. What is free? I am in a trap. I live and do what I do to get by.

The Bible says drinking to the point of intoxication is a sin. How can it be a sin if when you're not drinking you're in complete terror? How can you be sent to Hell for that? How could a loving God send any of his "children" to Hell??? And this whole Satan thing.... didn't God create Satan....? He was an angel but got kicked out cuz he disagreed with God or something? I don't get it.

I don't get any of this. And you know what... I still pray, even though I'm not so sure anymore. I pray He'll give me a sign or something. What does He want from me?! I will do anything for some peace! But He won't show me.... I'm lost. And does it really count.... believing in God just cuz you're scared, just cuz you have to believe in something? I feel doomed no matter what. I just want the pain to stop. God... is that too much to ask?
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I agree with Zig. You won't have to worry about all of it anymore.....that is until you die. I've been a Christian for 14 years and i don't understand most of these questions completely either. God says in the bible that we'll prosper and be blessed and a host of other nice things, but He also says
that in this world we will have troubles and trials and tribulation!!!
(what's that supposed to mean?)
I've found it's so much easier to believe than not to.
There is no doubt that he will help you and give you peace. Don't give up praying no matter how you feel. Sounds religious but it's also very true that if you Seek Him with ALL you're heart, you will indeed find him. I reckon if i never had dp/dr I wouldn't be here today. Would have ended my life long ago. Having dp/dr, OCD, Tourette's syndrome and anxiety that brought me to the brink of true insanity caused me to seek him with all my heart. Because i just had a knowing that there was no other way. I found him and you can too. And it's not so much what He wants from me, it's what He has for us. The gift of everlasting heavenly bliss, dp/dr free, no more shit mental problems. Free forever...! Please no one take this as "preaching" , I'm simply telling you what has happened to me and many others. Simple truth.
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Peacedove, It entails putting aside all your dissappointments, broken dreams, frustrations and confusion, and all the hypocrisy you may have seen. Example, (your uncle). And believing that the state we're in is truly as the bible says. To acknowledge ourselves as sinners and that we have a need for forgiveness. Believing this, not concerning ones self of how we became like this, but accepting that that is the reality. Believing that Jesus
is who He says He is, that He really did die on the cross and rise from the grave for your sins. If we're interested in the God of the bible we must agree with what it says about us. If you see yourself as innocent then you might as well forget about Jesus and His power to save you from hell and get you to heaven. But if you want the absolute assurance of sins forgiven and going to heaven when you die, go Jesus' way, because every other way is a dead end road, full of emptiness.
To sum up what you must do is very simple:

1. Admit your a sinner.
2. Be willing to turn from your sins.
3. Believe Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave.
4. Through sincere prayer, ask him to forgive your sins and come into and control your life by His spirit.

This is what seeking Him with your whole heart entails.
God didn't say "TRY", He said "BELIEVE".
Anyway, having done this, your greatest need as a human being will be met. Then focusing on other needs like healing can take place.

Enough said for now, hope this helps.

Take Care, Phill.l
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Why would God place a tree in the garden and forbid adam to eat from it? Why would God give us a choice if He already knows what we're going to choose? Why did He create angels and then humans with a capability for evil? I know you've heard the answer of free will and if there was no choice we'd all be robots and our obedience to God would be hollow.
I hope that you're not relying on me to answer your questions! LOL LOL LOL!!! Although there have been some good theories that i'd heard to questions like this none have really been satisfiying. As i said before, I believe on focusing on the answers i do have, what i can do rather than what i can't do. What about this one....Where did God come from? And who created Him if He was created? Our minds must just be so small and minute, little pea brains, comp[ared to Gods'.
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