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Give me some tips for studying (low concentration)

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My concentration is low. Give me some tips for studying. Anything that works.
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One other thought about this topic:

Take small bites. Work in 20 minute increments instead of an hour.

Write down the things you want to accomplish that day, but make each one a bite-sized tidbit that doesn't overwhelm you with its difficulty before you begin it.

After you finish each one -- take a short walk and get a small drink/snack. You can add items to your list during the day.

Be sure to cross out the item and put a check mark prominently beside the number when you finish each task.

For example:

1. Read 12 pages.

2. Work 6 problems.

3. Learn new vocabulary (15 words).

Added later in the day because you did so well...

4. Read 20 pages.

5. Outline answer to one possible exam question.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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