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Give me some tips for studying (low concentration)

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My concentration is low. Give me some tips for studying. Anything that works.
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Thank you.

Privateer, when I exercise, usually, my head spins :| But maybe after exercising for a long period, it will have as effect to get me "amped" (although I don't fully understand what is "amped").

Enigma, there are a few things that scare me to hell (causing STRONG shivering), but after that I can't think of anything else, I go to bed and try to make it go away. However, the "dive" thing sounds nice. I will try to mix it with other things

Bat, what you said is a great approach to get prepared for exams. But I am looking for a way to manage to actually read and understand the text (textbook) that I am reading. However, I owe to say that your approach for getting ready to exams is better than mine, so I will keep yours instead of mine.

Well, maybe some might think the way I do. A good way to demonstrate it is to assume this imaginary conversation with someone:

- What gets you cripled in studying? (someone asks me)
- Lose my motive. (I am answering)

- Why?
- I have no reason to do it or continue it.

- What thoughts come to you when you can't continue?
- That I don't understand what I am reading. That I will never manage to make it. Yet when I am leaving it for later the a thought comes that tells me "it's ok to continue later, you are going to make it later". The next time I pick it up, it's a nightmare.

When I am styding it, I get moments where my mind is totaly blank. Like somone turns off the lights. My mind is a void. Then I get crippled by the fact that I should have progressed more (more pages readed AND learned) than I already did. And continuing feels like futile :(

And I feel so bad that I can't progress with my studying. It's like having a regular job and be continually off because of a silly excuse. I feel like a looser :( (someone who isn't worthy). I am reaching the bottom (feelings), but I push on. I continue to read pages, I continue not to understand what I am reading about, and feel more and more bad. In the end, I drop it. I am so disapointed that I will probably go into a depression (when nothing is important, when everything is causing pain) an oblivion vortex will follow.. After one or two hours, I will find my courage back. I will start reading pages again. Of cource, I am still not understanding them :( So I stop studying, and go and write a bad mark.

Is it because I can't stand failure? Is it because I need an electoshock? (joke).. Is it a personality flaw? Who knows..

After I write at the exams, I get this cheerful tention to read the book. This is crazy.

Ever since I was a kid, I never could complete a task, when I had to. Sometimes I got anxious, sometimes nervous, sometimes I felt it was futile. Haven't found the answer to that yet.
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RevSarah, danny, thanks. I kept in mind "why" while reading the book, the meaning, "active studying". I guess when I want to read something, I find easier the "why".

Well.. for example: I read first the contents (index) of the book, and then the prologue beafore I proceed to read the whole book. Something that simple and it made a gooood improovement.
Privateer, I am on an alike situation. Well, it seems I got the slang :) amp, like amplify or ampere.
I am a bit late, but thank you Sojourner.

I tried those as variations and they did do some job.
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