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I have always found that giving and helping others has been immensely helpful for not only other people but for my own self esteem and self-worth. When times get tough and it seems like all we can ever think about is ourselves, with our own struggles, it may be helpful to look outside of our own lives and try to do our little bit for others. We can do this in numerous ways:

If you can't get out of the house:

- Give a family member a random smile, hug or kiss!
- Call up a friend and have a long natter
- Give cups of food, mammograms, books and more to those in need on
- Spring clean the house when your family is out, so they get a surprise when they get back! (Or do it when they're asleep, but go quietly and don't forget about your sleep.
- Write a letter to a relative or friend you haven't seen or spoken to in ages.
- Sign petitions for causes that you believe in at

If you can:

- Visit a friend on the fly and give them a big hug! Maybe bring some hot/cool drinks over (depending on the weather) or bake/make something for them.
- Volunteer for a charity
- Write love letters to strangers and scatter them around your town. Join the tribe at
- Give blood
- Help local businesses by shopping there instead of at supermarkets

The list is endless, but here are just a few ideas. Don't forget about yourself either, I mean, try to forget about your illness, but don't forget to give to *you*, because you so deserve it!

- Do something you love, or used to love
- Pamper yourself - yes men, this is possible for you too!

- Remind yourself of the parts of you that you value - there are always some!
- Eat something yummy
- Teach yourself something new on YouTube, or through free online courses like through
- Give yourself some much needed solitude if you rarely get it, or get chatting with someone if you feel lonely
- And last, but not least: Spend some time with yourself (I know this is the hardest part, with DP) thinking about your issues and working them out, because this is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Feel free to share your own ideas on acts of love and self-love in the replies to this topic.
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