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So after some random internet surving I usually come upon the most controversial and/or hated book possible and crave it. (Last time it was Paris Hilton's biography.) this time it's a book called "The Rules".

I'm sure a lot of you have heard it...that old fashioned dating book, etc etc.

Well the reason I think it's important is that a lot of my body distortions/people distortions/overanalyzing moments are based on my relationships with guys lack of education on how the opposite sex operates. I've always been the type to chase a guy down until he's suffocating in the corner, and then look at every flawed body part when he turns me yeah, i do see this as somthing important in my life...

I know that isn't the WHOLE story of my life, but reading "The Rules" 1 and vol. 2 (which clears up a couple things in vol.1, vol 1 originally instructed the reader not to discuss the book with a therapist b/c courtship and therapy operate in two different ways, but therapists apparently liked the book a lot and agreed that it has positive benefits on how you as a woman are treated by the men in your life- boyfriends, friends, lovers, fathers, etc.)...reading these books has offered a LOT of insight as to how I view myself and the people around me. Even girl friends. I notice the extreme guilt and need to linger that I feel with even my friends...been becoming more aware of that I guess.

I SERIOUSLY recommend these books, especially if you're in a rocky relationship.

I would not feel as inclined to promote this book to my real life friends, but because a LOT of my DP-related obsessions have to do with the men in my life, I have found this book something worthy of letting you guys know about. Very much so. It could actually help you in a lot of areas of life.

(Plus i noticed a little magic...last night at a party, a longtime friend who never looked twice at me, was standing outside with me as we were smoking...i applied some of the Rules logic, presenting myself as a female rather than an agressive buddy...and we had a lot of silence (usually i'm very chatty)...and he was like

"so are you still going out with that guy?"
"no" (don't bring up the past!)


"so what's your last name?"
(little conversation discussing this)

"you know, I've always liked seeing you around...."

"where were you born?"


ok ok that could mean nothing but it's very interesting. it almost feels magical! (but not haha) I've been trying it a lot on my guy friends...test subjects..hehe...a lot of them have become more attentive, even as attentive friends, in the last couple of days...bwahahahah!
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