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:) Hi.

DP since age 5.
Now 26.
DR under hypnosis earlier this year (2004). With DP of body (stuck in chair).

No diagnosis. Just me and my stupid brain.

Mother, Psychology degree (Honors). She refused to register as a Psychologist. Finished Her degree a few years before I was born.
Used words like "You're paranoid" etc when I was 4.

My Mother analyses constantly during Her speech, reading multi-level Paranoia into everything.

I feel like a void. Peoples Psychological "concept" of me, is that I'm a void.

I hate the Psychiatric system. So dont ask me, they'll have to wipe my posts off...

My parents have extreme War trauma PTSD and my Mum has induced extremily high stress into me. My parents think Psychiatrists are imbeciles and refuse treatment...

My Mother flatly refused medication for a diagnosis of Psychotic PTSD in the early 90's, but is testy and frantic that I'm currently without heavy duty meds. Mum "goes over the authority" of Doctors etc, because She thinks they're ignorant...

My Psyche is basically about 3/4 a home for "rumination" about Mum.

I believe I'll have DP of my head & neck for the rest of my life.

Ghost - dont read this.
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