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I feel really weird like maybe i've died?? nothing feels real and it's worse than usual, something just feels really weird and wrong and i don't know what it is.

And i'm pretty positive this medicine isn't going to help so whats the point

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Jan 20 2014 11:29 PM

I was in the position you were before; the best advice I can give you is to find some constructive hobby and try not to pay attention to the feeling. I played video games and worked on online college; it kept my mind off of it for a long time.

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Jan 21 2014 04:12 PM

KILL THE FEAR and you will start to feel alive again.

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Jan 22 2014 08:15 AM

Yes, that sounds great, but how the **** do you kill the fear?

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Jan 22 2014 10:04 AM

First you realize what it is.

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Jan 22 2014 08:26 PM

Yes, that sounds great, but how the **** do you kill the fear?
Acceptance and mental distraction. You have to accept you have dp. Not just concede and say you have it but in your mind tell yourself "I have this and it's probably not going away in the next few days." It took me about a month to get rid of the worry, but every time a negative thought pops in your head, just don't feed it. Distract yourself etc. easier said than done i know, but it really works. Cutting out the fear, obsession and negativity of dp is a big step. I wish I had really taken that to heart at first.

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Jan 23 2014 02:44 AM

Cool man , thanks

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Feb 01 2014 10:07 PM

If you have neurological disturbances, check into Mercury poisoning

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Feb 02 2014 12:20 AM

Hey, please visit a neurologist and get EEG test performed. Don't worry, you will definitely come out of this syndrome and resume your normal life. I again request you, visit a neurologist and get EEG test performed, it will surely help.

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Feb 06 2014 11:28 PM

Neurological disturbances?? that can cause DP? and can that also cause muscle twitching? I shouldn't have read that XD

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Feb 15 2014 11:08 PM

Take the medecine if you feel a certain other thing might get in your way out of this state, even if its a placebo pill or ritual thing you like doing. Also, I may ramble because I don't have enough time..

KILL THE FEAR and you will start to feel alive again.
One way is to be like Marylin Manson and ''attack'' it, identify it, but the feeling you're describing could be from another thing than DP or DR, more of a blend with other things, I don't know nothing about nothing, but I feel like depression and existential depressions could complement to a harder hitting type of that feeling, you may feel lost or other, take some hippies for example if you find one (yes, one that fills the stereotype) and talk to them, live with them if you want. Fear in itself is something you could like, not in its moment, but for the relatively-good feeling after, though too much fear might leave negative impacts; don't go too hard without convictions if you're mind is not that neutral, acknowledge and desensitize .

Acceptance and mental distraction.
Exactly, plus meditation might help in parallel to this in a long run, make those procedures easier for the brain (or anyway if you don't believe thoughts come from the brain, try..), that only if you don't want to stay in it (because some people want to confront and all, to go further and then release). Meditation isn't necessary though, I just say that because if I did do that, it'd help to get out and maintain..

But then again, a somewhat root is blocking you sometimes to accept and distract yourself from it? While in it, you'll have to find a personal trick if you can..

Acceptance and all may prevent from getting into it; concentrate actively like a maniac (don't show it) on things, then relax, and start again, concentrate on concentrating away, and further on... If you try and say you don't get it, you get it, but stop being discouraged, the focus is the doing it, not the ''maybe I'm doing it''.

What solomon says is the best now. Plus video games can help you if you play correctly to make more lucid dreams and all, you can ''control'' an absurd and practice a different way of controlling your ''you'' for actions; you can ''be the one in the game'' or you can switch from ''realities'', it might help in someones opinion, make this opinion your own and pursue onto those things.

Oh well, I guess I certainly have neurological disturbances, thanks for me not being able to elaborate myself on this anymore... I mean there are a lot of other symptoms I carry, brain related and all of that and I like to conceptualize/categorize all of those in a term, so yeah, but I hate it when I do that because it stops a possibly beneficial train of thought...

Oh, and I have personally, when I want to study or else, a green weird rock, I hold onto it and think it is the absurd (as a concept, it does appeal to me, but you could put love, happiness or anything), I forget the rock, it is there and am the rational studying sponge. You have to really concentrate on this technique for your brain to somewhat naturally think a rock fulfills the feeling your brain associates to a certain concept, to make that rock ''something''. So if you were struggling with something like that..

If you get this, you're good, lol xD, it might be incoherent since I ain't the best in english, btw, if you feel down; just to say, you do look cute and really pretty
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PS: (My answer to your problem would change if I'd know your situation a bit more... I had to establish some realities to write this and to be on the same page as you, but you know, the page might be another from yours.. And also to what point you're experiencing thought, I wonder if you identified some other things on yourself, like, I don't want to say it, but depression or existential depression. I want to help, but don't know exactly what could be the best things in your case.. as in anybody because I don't know any anecdotes and don't have the same ''brain'', also, if you aren't able to attribute feelings to concepts naturally, emotions wouldn't come that much from the exterior, so try interioryzing the blending of ''concept-feeling-perception-way of thinking'' together, I mean:

If a flower ain't beautiful, do this to make it beautiful, so that the next time you identify that perception, tadah! ''It's fucking awesome'' or ''oh, it looks like I should say it's awesome, so yay. awesome.'' if the second would be you, try doing like what I do with my rock make it there and forget it, or just make it funny and look weird by randomly laughing if you're able to do again the technique. ''No I don't want to get weird'' it's fine, you'll feel better! Just do it, who gives a fuck? Marylin Manson did it! it won't harm no one else than your own misery towards the flower.

I don't know you, so... rambling is fun and helps me.. sorry if you didn't like
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, just know it wasn't intended to be anything bad or a disapointment, I'm looking forward to knowing you and trying to help from that moment on, and know I don't necessarily believe what I wrote or what said I believed implicitly in this never-ending text of torturous empty answers)

LOVE YOU AND EVERYONE, hope you like being loved, the ones who read this, because I won't stop.. EVER. LOVE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! Just be there... I love all who read this or that skipped for this paragraph or that exists, if you exist, I love you, whether you want it or not.

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Mar 07 2014 09:25 PM

I had dp for dour years before I was diagnosed.... For those four years I literally thought I was going crazy slowly loosing myself so I lived years in fear not kowing what it was. Now I have more of an understanding... and to know I'm not alone has allowed me to slowly loose the fear that was consuming my life and allowed me to lead as much of a normal life as possible.. The truth is your not alone there are many people who feel exactly the same and were all here to help

I recommend getting counseling to help you better understand your disorder and how to deal with it so you can lead a normal life as well

If you have any questions feel free to msg me were here to help
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