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To loose-lost-lost is an irregular verb, I learnt that (or learned?) at highschool, I even gave English grammar lessons to highschool students a few years ago, but Im getting it all mixed up and its been bothering me for a while now :?

A looser is with one o or two?
Im losing it, is with one o, or two?

I loose is with double o.
You loose, too?

Can someone explain it to me again?

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dc is right

loose is an adjective, as in "the hinge is loose"
looser is the comparative form as in "that hinge is looser than this hinge"
loosen is the verb, as in "loosen the hinge," past tense "loosened"

lose means to not win, "You lose the game," past tense, "lost"
loser, a person who loses


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Yes I get it, thanks both of you :p
I mixed up of the verbs to lose and to loosen.

So it should be: to lose-lost-lost


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Short Solution for our European friends:

Loose always means "not tight" (and is pronounced in a way that rhymes with the name "LUCY")

When in doubt, you're probably looking for a derivative of the word "lose." (and pronounced "Looz") A "loser" as in the insulting term means one who often loses in life. To lose a game. To lose a friend. To lose your life. (to have had it once, and then no more). To lose your mind (and hence, "I'm losing it" meaning I'm losing control)

Linguistics R Us,
J :lol:

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Janine thanks, I became aware that when to look for which one to use, I have to look for the Meaning of the word lose or loosen in the particular sentence Im about to write.

To loosen as in to loosen up (which I need to do, no doubt I will remember that
and to lose when losing someone or something as in loss.

Very vaguely I remember that for students using these two verbs and having them mixed up is a common problem.
I never had that problem, but as you see, never say never.

Thanks :lol:
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