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Hey it’s been a minute! Its been a whole year since i’ve had DPDR and i was starting to feel better then out of nowhere two weeks ago my DPDR GOT TERRIBLE! I felt the same way the first time I experienced DPDR my whole body went numb and i felt so dizzy and lost. Ever since my body has been numb again and im having a hard time breathing, more like i cant get a good breath! The wedding planning and finances and moving out and planning the honeymoon IS SO OVERWHELMING! Im just starting to get so scared for how im am going to be on my wedding day, im worried im going to be so numb and tinlgy again or pass out or get sucked up into a blackhole...okay that last one was a joke, BUT SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THAT! Haha I just need some positive energy and encouragement in the comment section, what should i do to help ease my DPDR before the wedding? What are some of your coping skills or things you tell yourself to feel better. Please leave a positive comment...i dont need negativity rn I already have too much of it ????????
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