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getting a rescue dog

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i live in a cottage so i think a smallish dog. also i'm out from 8am till 4ish so if it's walked morning and evening would it be ok on its own? b/f is normally in later. also in order to train it to come when called so it doesn't need to be on a lead all the time, is it better to get a younger dog?
would appreciate any advice

i'd love a cat but am worried about the road
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i think if your getting a rescue dog then id look for one thats about 2 or 3....that way they have grown out of the puppie destructive age and are still young enough to learn to obey your commands.....dogs are generally alright been left for short periods of while you are out at work but would probably settle better if it has a good run before you go :)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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