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getting a rescue dog

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i live in a cottage so i think a smallish dog. also i'm out from 8am till 4ish so if it's walked morning and evening would it be ok on its own? b/f is normally in later. also in order to train it to come when called so it doesn't need to be on a lead all the time, is it better to get a younger dog?
would appreciate any advice

i'd love a cat but am worried about the road
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thanks for the responses and advice.

the cottage is pretty small but it's an end of terrace so it has quite a nice garden at the front with veg and flowers in it. there's a road at the front of the garden that although not busy cars travel fast on.

we're in a rural mountainy area in the uk so there's loads of walks nearby (also loads of sheep so need a dog that's not likely to bother them).

i like scruffy friendly dogs, b/f said a lakeland border terrier is nice but i haven't been able to find a picture of one.
you've got to go and get her. she's lovely.
i will get a rescue dog
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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