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getting a rescue dog

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i live in a cottage so i think a smallish dog. also i'm out from 8am till 4ish so if it's walked morning and evening would it be ok on its own? b/f is normally in later. also in order to train it to come when called so it doesn't need to be on a lead all the time, is it better to get a younger dog?
would appreciate any advice

i'd love a cat but am worried about the road
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my doggies poopoo twice a day.. they peepee about 5 times a day. im home all the time though so i can let them out when they ask. dogs can get all kinds of internal problems if not allowed to releive themselves and you dont want a dog that pees on all your stuff. (if i dont let the dogs out when they ask they just defiantly shat in my bathroom.. one time my big male who NEVER has accidents wanted out and i didnt let him cause it was raining.. he just looked at me and started pissing all over himself) what you really should get is a doggie door. that would be most ideal. my dad isnt home alot but he has a doggie door. it doesnt even have to be in the door iteself my dad installed it in his wifes office wall which is closest to the back yard.. and he has some little steps for the dog to get in and out and a fenced in area so that she cant get lost or stolen. its really ideal. but if you live in an apartment then youre gonna have to fence him in the kitchen or laundry room with his food and water and a peepee pad.
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now this warms my heart. :)

terri your doggie there looks like a brussels griffon. if it is you better go snatch it up and send it to me pronto!!! ive been wanting one of them for sooooo long, but i havent got one cause they are too damn expensive. its the same kind of dog as in that movie 'as good as it gets'.

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