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getting a rescue dog

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i live in a cottage so i think a smallish dog. also i'm out from 8am till 4ish so if it's walked morning and evening would it be ok on its own? b/f is normally in later. also in order to train it to come when called so it doesn't need to be on a lead all the time, is it better to get a younger dog?
would appreciate any advice

i'd love a cat but am worried about the road
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Hi there,

Having bought dogs, had them dropped off in our yard, having our daughter bring in strays and rescuing some from a no kill shelter...i might be able to be of some help. :D

i agree with dreamcatcher about trying to find a rescued dog that fits you and the dog. there are some great ones just waiting for a loving home. SB knows her animal stuff and unless you get one that is trained, you are looking at a full time job of starting from a puppy. i don't think you are from the States, but if you are there is a great site called frequently they have dogs that are crate trained. this would work out well for you if you live in an apartment. doggie doors are great for homes as SB pointed out.

have you ever been around a breed that you especially liked? i'm not especially in to an animal being full blooded, but i do think knowing the general idea of what breeds the dog has in them is a good idea. right now i have my eyes on a pug mixed with a dog like the one that was in As Good as It Gets. Scruffy faced little thing. Plus it said he gives good kisses! of course i need a dog like i need a hole in my head. wait! i do have a hole in my head!! :roll:

so maybe a little more information about the place where you live and if your are thinking large or small, wacko terrier or slobbery mushmouthed golden.

i'd love to be in on someone getting a new dog. :D

let us know how it's going.
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How about this cute, little scruffy faced thing?? I am in love with this little doggie. It is in a shelter in NC and I might just go get her. Wouldn't she be cute in your garden? Think about a rescue...there's so many that need a home.
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:D :D :D :D :D

look and look until you find just the one. you will know him/her when your eyes meet. hopefully it will be housetrained, good with adults and children, not a barker and for sure not a biter.

they say to clap your hands behind the dogs ears to see if it startles easily. also, touch the dogs ears and feet to make sure they are not sensitive to touch. to make sure they are not dominate, have them lay on their backs and see if they will let you be the "boss" for a minute or so. if they show strong reactions to turn over, i.e. become upset, this dog may be too aggressive. and lastly, but certainly most importantly, make sure they give really good doggie kisses!

good luck. let us know how the hunt is going.
yes, Sleepy, that it what i think it is along with pug. i already have 2 dogs plus my daughter's 3 dogs off and on...i don't know, i'm just crazy for that little fuzzy face. her name is Macy and i found her on she is in Rock Hill, SC if noone has picked her up yet.

Janine, you need another go get her. :D

Or maybe we can pitch in and get her and fly her to SB and she will be happy forevermore. yeah, i like that thought. sure do wish i could. :?

really SB, when my poor little 15 year old poodle goes to doggieheaven, i'm going to get me ( that's southern talking right there lol ) a brussels griffon. then she can have babies and i will give you one. there, that's settles it. :D
tooo cute, SB.

hey SB, when you feel like it...i sure will be glad when you open your eyes again. whatever it is that made you close them is gone. yep...i kicked it's ass and it's gone. :twisted:
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