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Hi everyone

I am relatively new to this board and infact new to this understanding of dp/dr although i have been a sufferer all my life. i am glad to finally be able to put a name to all that has been going through with me but more than that i am glad to find that i m not alone and so many people have dealt with so mauch..Honestly, i feel so relieved reading all the stuff u guys write about, since i can realte to so much and gain so much valuable advise from people like Janine. Thank you all.

I have a genuine request. Although i know that most of you are from US, europe, Australia etc i was wondering if anyone could suggest me some good psychiatric help on Dp/ Dr in India since i do not seem to find anything on the net. I would appreciate any insights or suggeastions into how can i go about finding for right help in india, coz after reading all your posts i strongly feel that i should go to the right doctor.

waiting for some feedback
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