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I remember reading something worthwhile about advances in medicine; treatments, vaccinations, cures, etc. Historically, they haven't been achieved directly. The vast majority of advances in medical science have come inadvertently, unintended, accidental.

Things are typically revealed, while doing research and experimentation for other things. Medical foundations for major illness such as cancer, raise huge sums of money for the cause. Little or no progress has been made by Oncology in treating or curing cancer, despite the available wealth committed to the project.

Oncologists thought that radiation and chemotherapy killed cancer cells. They probably settled on chemo and radiation by the time tested scientific method of trial and error. Geneticists went to work to explain how and why chemo and radiation worked, and why it did not work on specific cancers.

If radiation and chemo killed cancer cells, then the cells should die in proportion to the levels of treatment, and no cell should be able to resist the effects. But they don't, and they do.

Geneticists learned that cancer suppression cells respond to cells with damaged DNA with an offer - repair yourself or commit suicide. So cells that are damaged by chemo and radiation are identified by the bodies cancer suppression cells

and are eliminated by the body's own cancer suppression. That is how chemo and radiation work. How chemo and radiation do not work, is when certain cancers first disable the body's cancer suppression cells, before making tumors.

Knowing these things can save patients the fun of undergoing chemo and radiation when it is known beforehand that it will have no positive effect. Oncologists point out that Geneticists think they are so smart,

and regulations should be passed forbidding their research because its dangerous in that there genome. Those geneticists are a threat to our funding!

I suppose it is obvious why people would rather fund a foundation which targets a big name illness that has taken their loved ones.

But, facts is facts. What has and will solve life's medical mysteries - is basic research and development moving forward on a broad front. Specifically, basic research and development of the mechanisms of the human genome.

It is all in there. The life history of every cell from the beginning of time until a minute past now. The genome will give up its secrets in a sequence that is determined by their natural complexity, and not

by mankind's efforts to prioritize them for revelation.
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