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Hey everyone

I need to tell you all about what happened at my GP today and for the last few months, as I cannot believe how incompetent and uncaring they can be. I recently posted about how I feel in touch with reality again which in the day time I still have pockets of this happening which is positive but night times are worse,

So I went to my doctors a few months ago because my DPD was so bad at night that I was not sleeping but just waking up as soon as I drifted off in an extreme DP state.

My wife came with me and we told the Doctor that I was so bad I felt suicidal and was not sleeping and it was affecting my work. Get this..."There isn't a lot I can do" the doctors says. My wife says she has heard Lamotrigine can help DPD and the doctor just went "hmmmmm."

So my wife and I was firm and said "we really need some help." So the Doc said they would refer me to a psychiatrists and for now put me on Escitalopram as that had helped me a bit in the past and also gave me some Beta Blockers. He said "lets try this approach for a month and then I will put you on Lamotrigine."

So we went back in a month and I told the Doctor I was worse at night and the Escitalopram helped with anxiety in the day and OCD etc but I was suicidal at night. He just ignored me (again) and said "well things seem to be improving, so come back in a month and I will start you on Lamotrigine." He also doubled my Escitalopram.

So today I went back and told him night time had got so bad I cant cope any more and I am having suicidal thoughts, He literally just sighed and went "hmmm" and said "well I think we will just wait and see what the psychiatrists says" (which I still don't have an appointment for yet.) I wanted to just reach across the room and slap him into having a proper bedside manner and some kind of caring understanding at least. Even if he doesn't understand what I am going through (which he clearly doesn't) he could still be kind and listen and take me seriously. Anyway I am a peaceful man so I just firmly said to him "when can I start the Lamotrigine?" Get this,,,, He said "I am not licensed to prescribe this medication. I know you have read it can help DPD but it would be illegal for me to give it to you." By this point I was bubbling right up inside. How could he now be saying this, when 3 months ago and every month since he has said he would prescribe me this!

Now for the cherry on top: My wife was so upset she said "is there anything you can do now to help Ben get some sleep?" He said "well I can give him some sleeping tablets." So he prescribed me my normal 20mg Escitalopram and a sleeping tablet called Zopiclone. So I looked at the prescription and said to the Doctor "what about the Beta Blockers you have been prescribing me?" Wait for it..........."You dont need those Ben, they don't do anything when your on Escitalopram!" So why had he been prescribing me them for the last 3 months along with Escitalopram?!! I couldn't believe it. So he 'dismissed me' and said come back in a month for a checkup.

As I walked out with my wife I said there is no way I am ever going back to that doctor again.

Anyway I am going to try these sleeping tablets to see if they can help me sleep as I always feel better when I am sleeping OK.

Thanks for listening I really needed to vent!

Take care


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Your doc sounds like a quack. Ditch him and find a new one.
Zopiclone sucks; it's a dissociative. Ditch it. And his Escitalopram/Beta Blocker statement is nonsense.. Escitalopram doesn't work on beta-adrenergic receptors, hence you should ask him how in the hell he came to this conclusion that they wouldn't work with Escitalopram in your system?

As for Lamotrigine; it has been in my experience that GP's don't prescribe anti-epileptic drugs because they're not licensed to do so. You need a prescription from a neurologist or a psychiatrist.
Good luck!
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