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1. Go somewhere you feel safe
It could be anywhere, as long as it makes you a tiny bit okay, its helpful. Just go there and don't expect anything. it could be the bedroom, the garden, garage, wherever! go there and spend some time until you don't feel like it anymore. Then do something else.

2. Don't put pressure on yourself
Let things be, as difficult as they are. If you can't help controlling things, then don't. Let your mind ruminate, and just let go. Be whatever you are at this moment, even if you hate yourself. Still, if there are things you can do to just take the edge off things, please do. It could be anything, even if it seems stupid. If it helps a tiny tiny bit, then do it.

3. Expect resistance and falling back into old patterns
This is a natural part of the journey, it seems to me. You will fall back into the same old patterns, just let it be and try your best to go on. Don't beat yourself up, just let it be. Baby steps is the way to go, as painful as they are.

4. De-stress as much as possible
Avoid stressful or negative things, As much as "YOU CAN". This might not resolve things, but it will make you feel at least just okay or not as bad as before. Everybody is different, so there are no guidelines here. Try to be your own guide.
This is very useful especially when you're at your worst. Sometimes you might not even wanna do anything but a tiny step to avoid a negative thing can help.

5. Try not to fight the thoughts or feelings. Let them be. Yes, they are painful and they will take over you sometimes. You can't control them, **but every time you watch them come and go (no matter how painful), they lose some of their power over you**. Not ALL at once of course, but little by little, they lose their power. Let them wash over you and leave. Also, The safer you feel, the less power they will have over you, so anything that makes you feel a tiny bit safer, is good. Steps 1 and 4 can be tied into this.

5. If all else fails, just let it be. Let things go their way. There will always a new beginning, no matter how many times you fail or lose. Remember that you don't have to be perfect, and try to accept that this is you, for now. Let your self be this for as long as possible. **Good things will come out of imperfection, believe me.**

<<These are the tips that I would give to myself. They might not work for you or apply to you. But I Hope you can relate to them and find them helpful. If not, please ignore them. If you would like to elaborate, I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts or experiences.>>
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