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It's a bit early to really say scientifically, I guess, but I just tried some Gabba-booster pills from Walgreens and seem to be feeling fairly attached to the world at the moment. In fact, I haven't felt this attached in the evening for a long time.

I'll keep everyone abreast of this, but you might consider experimentation...(if you're into medication). It's kind of like taking a couple drags of a fairly chronic J. I don't think I'll take it consistently, but might consider it, perhaps, during stressful occasions (I travel a lot for my job, so perhaps then).

Anyway, just thought I would share, and like I said, it's too early to tell anything definitively (still trying to watch and note how psychosomatic it might be). Anxiety levels seem quite low, but body seems fairly connected (not depersonalized). Interesting....
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i thought it was a ramones' thing...gabba gabba HEY!
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