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Gabapentin (neurontin)

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Hi all,

This is day 7 of neurontin 300mg for me.

I feel completely off my face! I took a pill about an hour ago. It takes about 1-2 hrs to kick in for me properly. I noticed from day 1, that the first 2 hours I felt reallllly bad, and then slightly better.

I carried on the experiment today, in order to really work out if this medication is the right one for me. Currently I feel unable to make the most simple calculation in my head and think about events a week ago. It doesn't "feel" like I can memories those events properly.

I am slightly (no, ok, moderately now) freaking out that today I have some permanent damage from the medication. I drank alcohol last night, only moderately which also effects the GABA system.

I just need to chill out and perhaps have some caffeine later if necessary.

By lord, it is a bit weird, but at the same time on this medication, you don't really care.

The reason that I am king this thread is to remind myself. I want to write it down as a real-time "trip report" is you like, so I don't look back later and try and influence my decision.

(also, my addictive thoughts are currently increased in the last 20 minutes or so, noticeably).

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