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GABA can help

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My doc told me that gaba can get rid of dp. 750 mg a day.

what do u guys think?
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I am starting to personally try all these things. A famous doctor (that wants to remain anonymous) I am currently speaking with is telling me all these things because she has seen results.

To get rid of anxiety symptoms which cause DP/DR you have to do the following for 8+ weeks religiously.

300 mg of 5HTP a day

2X 500 mg of GABA a day

All symptoms WILL leave in aprox. 2 months

This is the biological aspect of things.

The other thing is that you can't be on meds like SSRI's or antidepressants while you are doing this because those are the things that may cause the DP/DR in the first place.

On a personal note, I startd doing what the doctor told me and I am down to .5 mg of ativan before bedtime and my anxiety is slowly getting better.

And on a psychological note, please remember that in order to cure anxiety, DP/DR you need to not think about it, not come on this site, and do things 'normal' people do (all of you are normal including myself, but you know what I mean) and try to be happy. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend that loves you and that will take care of you, go to the gym ect. It is hard cause anxiety feeds on itself.

By the way rula, here is the website tht prooves my point.
I know this is super old but I just gotta know, did that treatment work? Is your dpdr gone?
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